Use our Plugin!

Use our plugin to quickly and easily convert videos to audio. This plugin is actually a little "bookmarklet" that can be used in your bookmark bar, and you can activate it by clicking the bookmark button while viewing a video you want to convert. If you are not very unfamiliar with how to use these bookmarklets, you can read the documentation for either Firefox or Chrome.

Easily install this plugin (bookmarklet) by simply dragging this link to your browser's bookmarks or favorites toolbar area:  Convert Video!

Our plugin has been thoroughly tested in both Firefox and Chrome. In fact, it may work in other browsers as well, but we currently only support these 2 browsers at this time as they are the most used.

If you cannot see the plugin/bookmarklet in your browser you should be sure that the toolbar is visible. You can do this by right clicking the gray area of your browser and selecting "show bookmarks bar".

If you have any issues with this plugin please try out a private session (incognito) before trying it out and see if that helps. See documentation for that: Firefox and Chrome.

Using this plugin is super easy! Just visit any of the largest video websites (that we support) on the internet, find a video you want to convert and then click on the bookmarklet/plugin link on your toolbar. This will give you any option we have for the conversion. Click go and you will be taken to the conversion page. Enjoy!