Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert YouTube videos to MP3?

Definitely! That was the original reason for creating this website. But we also offer more formats than the other sites. You can convert your videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook and other major sites and convert them to MP3, MP4, AAC, WEBM, 3GP, etc.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! While we do run off of ads we will never charge our users a penny.

Can I save the video to my smart phone?

Yes. We work on any machine, ever tablet and even smart phones. Since we are online we are independent of any operating system and there's nothing to install, unless you wanted to use our bookmarklet/plugin to help make conversions easier.

How do I remove the ads?

Unfortunately, for now, we run off ads. This is how the site stays up and the bills stay paid.

Does the site run on Internet Explorer?

Although we haven't tested it on IE, there shouldn't be any issues. Please feel free to let us know if you do experience problems.